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June 28, 2013

Midwest Fertility Center: Talking About Infertility

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It is not easy for a couple to admit they are struggling to conceive especially if they’ve been trying for a while. Many couples dream of a family to call their own and become disheartened to think infertility may be the cause. The doctors and staff at Midwest Fertility Center respect that this is a sensitive and emotional issue and take the utmost care when talking and caring for their patients.

The doctors and staff at Midwest Fertility Center believe the best way to build a doctor-client relationship is by building trust. The fertility specialists know their work is important to their patients on a personal level and therefore try to provide as much information as possible to each patient. The fertility specialists at Midwest Fertility Center want to maintain open and honest communication through patient education.

In addition to building confidence in the doctor-patient relationship, Midwest Fertility Center works with couples so they are better prepared to talk to others about infertility.  Couples struggling to conceive may not feel comfortable sharing their conception trouble with friends or family. At Midwest Fertility Center, the staff and fertility specialists know that well-intentioned family members or friends may give their own advice without realizing their emotionally damaging words.

Midwest Fertility Center has heard repeated stories that relaxing will lead to conception. However, Midwest Fertility Center arms patients with education so infertile patients can explain to family and friends that infertility is a medical condition like any other and the fertility treatments can help an infertile couple conceive. Above all, the staff at Midwest Fertility Center wants their patients to be comfortable in their decision to share or not share their information. Midwest Fertility Center’s main message to patients is to be direct about what you want, share only what you are comfortable with, and that staff are available to talk to for questions.

Midwest Fertility Center has Open House Every Tuesday

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For couples dreaming of being parents but struggling to conceive, Midwest Fertility Center tries to take some of the pressure and guess work out of finding a trustworthy fertility clinic. Every Tuesday, the Midwest Fertility Center has their Open House Events and in vitro fertilization guidance. The weekly open house is a great way to get a glimpse of the professionals who you’d work with. All the center asks is that guests call so the clinic can be prepared for a visit.

In addition to seeing the main facility, guests attending the Midwest Fertility Center open house can meet the doctors and staff that run the clinic. The doctors come from a variety of backgrounds such gynecology, endocrinology, psychology, genetics testing, urology, and more. The staff at the open houses is available to answer many of the questions couples interested in treatment may have.

In addition to the fertility treatments, the staff at the open houses discusses the various payment methods accepted by Midwest Fertility Centers. Surprisingly, there are many insurance companies that will pay for part of fertility treatment. Midwest Fertility Center accepts a range of insurances including HMOs and PPOs. There are also financing options available for couples that are either uninsured or who need to pay what the insurance does not cover.

The open house is held at the Downers Grove, Illinois location every Tuesday. It is the fastest way for couples to get a first glimpse of what Midwest Fertility Center has to offer. The event helps couples get the most important information they need in determining whether or not Midwest Fertility Center is for them. The friendly staff at state-of-the-art treatments makes Midwest Fertility Center the greatest resource for couples eager yet struggling to start a family. All the center asks is to call ahead so the clinic knows you plan to visit.

June 26, 2013

New Programs Started at Midwest Fertility Center

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The doctors at Midwest Fertility Center want all couples to be successful in their dreams of conceiving. With an excellent and experienced staff, Midwest Fertility Center continues to provide excellent service and fertility treatment. In addition to In vitro fertilization, Midwest Fertility Center has implemented three new programs to help couples with a healthy environment.

The new programs implemented at Midwest Fertility Center include stress management, fitness, and nutrition. A counselor who is understanding and compassionate conducts the stress management. Couples receive stress counseling before, during, and after the infertility treatment process provided at Midwest Fertility Center. Experienced in multiple issues, the stress counselor at Midwest Fertility Center is experienced in issues of marital conflict, sexual dysfunction, depression, and anxiety.

The second new program is fitness. Midwest Fertility Center‘s fitness specialist is committed to helping clients enhance their lives with positive change. The goal of Midwest Fertility Center’s fitness program is to promote better health in body, mind, and spirit.

The third new program is nutrition. Proper nutrition is important for everyone whether or not they are fertile or infertile. Proper and balanced diets are very important for the overall health of families and babies. By establishing proper nutrition, the nutritionist at Midwest Fertility Center helps patients who may develop chronic disease. Proper nutrition has an impact on blood fat levels and the overall health of patients.

The new programs implemented by Midwest Fertility Center help patients with their overall health. With a healthy mind, body, and spirit, patients may live a happier and more fulfilled lifestyle. The holistic approach to patient care is to create a healthy emotional environment for the infertility treatment to take place in. The three new programs help to reduce stress, and bring balance and focus to the treatments patients receive. Midwest Fertility Center has received positive results and feedback from the new programs.

June 20, 2013

Midwest Fertility Center Performs Tubal Ligation Reversal

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One of the medical procedures women opt for when they no longer want to have children is tubal ligation. The procedure is commonly referred to as a woman “having her tubes tied.” It is considered a permanent way to ensure no pregnancy will occur. Women who opt for this procedure are usually certain they do not want any more children, however, in the event a women changes her mind, there are very few places willing to reverse the procedure.

Midwest Fertility Center is one of the few fertility centers in the United States that will perform laparoscopic tubal ligation reversal. This procedure restores a woman’s ability to become pregnant by surgically repairing the fallopian tubes. Not only is the procedure rarely performed elsewhere, but Midwest Fertility Center also has had great success rates.

Midwest Fertility Center sits down with patients considering a tubal ligation reversal. The success of the operation is dependent on a number of standard medical factors like the patient’s age, type of ligation, and the condition of the tubes. Midwest Fertility Center eases patients’ concern by assuring patients that certified laparoscopic surgeons with 30 years of experience who utilize the latest procedures with state-of-the-art equipment conduct the procedure.

Before any procedure, the fertility specialists want to sit down with couples and talk to through the benefits of any procedure. In some cases, tubal ligation reversal may not be the best solution for fertility. The fertility specialist at Midwest Fertility Center can help determine if tubal ligation reversal will work or if in vitro fertilization is still the couples’ best resource for conception. No matter, which procedure is recommended, Midwest Fertility Center offers a tubal ligation reversal guarantee because if the procedure fails, the center offers free in vitro fertilization for couples that meet their specified criteria. Contact Midwest Fertility Center for more information.

June 17, 2013

Five Assisted Reproductive Treatments at Midwest Fertility Center

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Infertility is difficult for some couples to deal with emotionally but possible to overcome through treatment. The fertility specialists at Midwest Fertility Center help patients understand that infertility is a medical condition just as any other medical condition is and there are treatments available to create a solution. At Midwest Fertility Center, there are five forms of assisted reproduction treatments performed by doctors in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana locations.

The five assisted reproductive treatments provided by Midwest Fertility Center include: in vitro fertilization, gamete intra fallopian transfer, intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, assisted hatching, and blastocyst transfer. Among all five, it is in vitro fertilization that is the most common assisted reproductive technique. This is the technique were eggs are taken and fertilized outside the womb and after the eggs have developed enough, placed into the womb.

Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer or GIFT is when a doctor uses a surgical process called laparoscopy to retrieve eggs using a small camera to examine the uterus and ovaries. Midwest Fertility Center‘s doctors take the eggs and after fertilizing them, transfer them into the fallopian tube.

ICSI or intra cytosplasmic sperm injection is also performed at Midwest Fertility Center. This procedure is accomplished when a single sperm is injected directly into an egg. Doctors at Midwest Fertility Center perform assisted hatching by creating a hole in the surface of the egg.

The last procedure performed at Midwest Fertility Center is blastocyst transfer where an embryo is transferred to the womb five days instead of the traditional three. There are advantages and disadvantages to this procedure. Midwest Fertility Center uses this method to reduce multiple embryos but the risk is that embryos may also stop developing.

Each couple that comes to Midwest Fertility Center will sit down with a fertility specialist. Discussion will determine the want and needs of each couple. Midwest Fertility Center’s goal is to help couples conceive stress free and at low risk.

June 14, 2013

Midwest Fertility Center Operate in Four Phases

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Midwest Fertility Center has helped many couples achieve their dream of parenthood. The fertility specialists at Midwest Fertility Center understand that infertility is a medical condition that is as treatable as any other medical condition. Available at the different Midwest Fertility Center offices are five forms of assisted reproductive treatments.

Types of treatment available at Midwest Fertility Center include: in vitro fertilization, gamete intra fallopian transfer, intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, assisted hatching, and blastocyst transfer. Midwest Fertility Center is one of the few centers to also perform laparoscopic tubal ligation reversal in order to restore a woman’s ability to reproduce. Couples coming to Midwest Fertility Center must sit down with a fertility specialist and have an initial consultation before any treatment is arranged.

When Midwest Fertility Center agrees to perform one of their assisted reproductive treatments, the doctors perform treatment in four distinct phases. First, is the preparatory cycle, which occurs the month prior to the in vitro fertilization stimulation cycle. Next is stimulation. Stimulation is the administration of two shots each day and blood tests every other day. After stimulation comes the third step: retrieval. After eggs are retrieved, transfer and post-transfer treatment is given. This final step requires nightly hormone injections.

The four phases are named process in which assisted reproduction at Midwest Fertility Center operates. In addition to their five types of assisted reproductive treatments, Midwest Fertility Center implemented three new holistic medical programs. The three new programs are stress management, fitness, and nutrition. The addition of the programs is designed to reduce stress and promote overall health. This creates balance and a focus for patients on the assisted reproductive process.

Midwest Fertility Center wants to help couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. Midwest Fertility Center has had many successes and has grown to be one of the leading providers in reproductive care. Each center uses the newest techniques with state-of-the-art equipment.

June 10, 2013

Finance and Payment Options Available at Midwest Fertility Center

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Many couples are able to conceive with little to no problems at all. For individuals or couples struggling with infertility issues, the uncertainty of turning to fertility specialists may be daunting. Midwest Fertility Center tries to make the process easy by holding an open house at their main office in Downers Grove, Illinois every Tuesday. At each open house, guests are invited to ask questions about fertility treatment but also about finance and payment options.

Midwest Fertility Center acknowledges fertility treatment is expensive and ranges in the thousands of dollars. Midwest Fertility Center wants to help make fertility treatment easier and more achievable for couples by accepting a wide range of HMO and PPOs. Midwest Fertility Center contracts with multiple local and national insurance networks.

Listed on the Midwest Fertility Center’s “about” page is a list of insurance providers contracted with Midwest Fertility Center. A few include: Cigna, First Health, Healthstar, One Health Plan, Sagamore, Wellmark, and Wellpoint. While the insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost of the assisted reproductive treatment, Midwest Fertility Center assures that patients often have more coverage for procedures than they usually expect.

In addition to accepting their list of insurance carriers, Midwest Fertility Center’s staff is more than prepared to help set up financing or payment plans. Their payment options include the: shared success program, pre-paid packages, and Family Fee Plan. Family Fee Plan accepted by Midwest Fertility Center is a national financial service for fertility treatment. Patients benefit from the low payment and fixed interest rate. Midwest Fertility Center also accepts major credit cards.

Midwest Fertility Center wants to help make couples’ dreams of a family come true. The doctors and experts at Midwest Fertility Center offer different assisted reproductive treatments for that exact purpose. While assisted reproduction is expensive, Midwest Fertility Center provides patients with information on their different accepted payment options.

June 4, 2013

Midwest Fertility Center Uses Laparoscopy

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The doctors at Midwest Fertility Center want to help all couples are individuals struggling with fertility issues. If a woman is struggling to conceive, doctors want to determine the possible cause of a woman’s infertility. To achieve this, Midwest Fertility Center uses a minimally-invasive procedure called laparoscopy which uses a small camera to look into the abdominal and pelvic cavities with a small incision.

Midwest Fertility Center uses laparoscopy to determine female infertility by examining a woman’s reproductive organs. Fertility specialists at Midwest Fertility Center only schedule the procedure after an infertility consultation has taken place. The specialist can then determine when the best time to schedule the operation is based on the patient’s reproductive cycle.

Midwest Fertility Center uses laparoscopy for more than examining a patient’s reproductive organs. The procedure is also used by the center to perform tubal ligation reversal. Thanks to laparoscopy, many women have been able to reverse their procedure in order to successfully procreate again.

Laparoscopy is also used to examine a woman’s uterus for hysteroscopy and dilatation and curettage. Midwest Fertility Center’s surgeon performs hysteroscopy to see inside the uterus. Midwest Fertility Center   uses this to diagnose tumors or scarring. The dilatation and curettage is performed by surgeons at Midwest Fertility Center to remove tissue samples from the uterus and feel for irregularities using the curette.

Like all medical procedures, laparoscopy does come with risks and complications. Midwest Fertility Center will always sit down and discuss treatment and medical procedures with patients before a procedure begins. Even though the procedure is minimally-invasive, Midwest Fertility Center has to administer anesthesia before the procedure. Midwest Fertility Center’s specialists always carefully explain the entire process as well as follow-up procedure. Midwest Fertility Center encourages their patients to ask questions. They believe the more informed a patient is, the less stress a patient will have prior, during, and after a procedure.

June 1, 2013

Midwest Fertility Center Offices in Two States

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Midwest Fertility Center wants to provide the very best in patient care for couples looking for infertility treatment in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana region. By working from multiple offices, a greater number of patients are able to meet with professionals that specialize in infertility. While it is a topic that many people struggle with, Midwest Fertility Center tries to ease couples’ fears and concerns by speaking matter-of-factly while being sensitive and understanding about the topic.

In order to serve the region of operation, Midwest Fertility Center operates three offices in Illinois. The main office is located in Downers Grove, Illinois. It is at this main office that Midwest Fertility Center holds open house every Tuesday. Midwest Fertility Center requests that guests call ahead so the office knows whom to expect but uses the opportunity to let interested couples or individuals ask questions about Midwest Fertility Center and their payment or finance options.

Outside of Downers Grove, Illinois, Midwest Fertility Center operates to offices in the City of Chicago. One office is located in 26th street while the other is located on Halsted Street. These three offices are the three locations that serve patients in Illinois.

Midwest Fertility Center operates two offices in Indiana. Located in the northwest region of the state, Midwest Fertility Center has an office in Munster, Indiana and Valparaiso, Indiana. These two offices are about a 40-minute drive from each other. While the concentration of offices may be focused in the Chicago area, it is the region that Midwest Fertility Center serves. As a caring assisted reproductive treatment provider, Midwest Fertility Center has been helping couples conceive since 1984. The staff have years of experience and understand the physical and emotional needs of their patients. Midwest Fertility Center uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in fertility treatments. All staff is carefully selected to provide only the best patient care.

April 25, 2013

Midwest Fertility Center Promotes Ways of Increasing Fertility

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The work performed by Midwest Fertility Center involves years of training and a skill unlike that found anywhere else. But a point often driven home by Dr. Madanes and his team of professionals at Midwest Fertility Center is that they cannot do all the work. There is always a level of cooperation required of the patient in order to increase the chances of success. With the recent discoveries of the effect of the male’s diet on the fertilization chances, we are now seeing that everybody has a role to play. Midwest Fertility Center believes that diet and exercise are the two most effective ways of increasing one’s chance of achieving pregnancy.

The consumption of fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids are considered essential parts of the fertility promoting lifestyle. Fish oil brings a balance to the emotional state of the woman trying to conceive. Dr. Madanes of Midwest Fertility Center has noted a definite advantage in those patients who consume omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming fish oil can also help male fertility issues. It contributes to a lowering of cholesterol. Those at Midwest Fertility Center know that many male fertility issues are caused by high cholesterol.

Exercise in any form can increase one’s chances of pregnancy. This has been proven through the fertility yoga trend, an exercise that has been promoted by Midwest Fertility Center. Also, recent studies have shown that male’s exercise habits have a great effect on his fertility. Studies that have been promoted by Midwest Fertility Center have shown that a male who is conscious of diet and exercise is likely to increase the chances of conceiving with his partner by as much as 60%. Midwest Fertility Center stresses the great attention that needs to be paid to the avoidance of alcohol and cigarette smoke by both the male and female seeking fertility.

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